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Framilite (engineer clays)

FRAMILITE® — is the serie of engineer clays / organoclays produced by Impexinvest LLC from enriched bentonites and sepiolites which are:

  • nanostructuring reological additives, thickeners and stabilizers with regulated thixotropy, carriers of special properties. Generally, designing the rheological system is defining effective balance between functional properties of such regulators, including their ability to thicken and stabilize the surfaces while covering, ability to prevent creating the hard-stired sediments while storing with combination of the good manufacturability, fluidity, plasticity, covering and leveling properties, spraying and staining stability, syneresis, etc.;
  • effective functional modifiers of designed materials, which regulate strength, viscosity, elasticity, incombustibility, barrierability and other technological and operational properties of filled polymers.

Bentonite, or montmorillonite refers to lamellar clays of smektit type: (M+)0.33 (Al1.67Mg0.33)Si4O10(OH)2.nH2O, M+ = Na+, K+, Mg2+, Ca2+ (Brindley & Brown, 1980). Particles of the natural bentonite have a regular structure and form of plates with the thickness of 0.92 nanometers and the length of 1000 nanometers with maximal surface up to 834m2/g (Utracki, 2004). The particles form the batches. Because of the noncompensated isomorphous changes in lattice, the surfaces of the particles have minus charge, which leveled by the plus charge of facets. Generally the minus charge of surface is balanced by replaceable cations, mostly calcium and natrium, which interlay the plates. These interlayers have an ability to enlarge osmotically in hydration / solvation («be swollen»). It is accompaied by exfoliation of batches and by forming the structured colloidal gel of cell type with the limited mobility of components (including liquid stage inside cells). This also leads to destroying this spatial structure with enough transverse strain and to its restoration with discontinuing of the effect. Polar activators or other means of improving clays' delamination in organodiluted formulas are usually required for effective solvation. Thereby, high surface area of bentonite particles is available for microarmouring, structuring and stabilizing of the water and organic suspensions with convertible and renewable properties and also for functional modification of composites, especially after iconic interchange with big-sized cations of organic substances.

Structure of aglomerates of bentonite clay Structure of aglomerates of bentonite clay

Sepiolite is a hydrated magneium fillosilicate, which refers to chromite clays: Mg3[Si4O11]H2O•nH2O (Betekhin, 1950). It is not carcinogenic; its particles have an elongated needle-shaped fibrous form with diameter less than 0.1 micrometer and with length up to 20-50 micrometers. Due to forming of microarmoured spatial structures (random colloidal structure), it is able to form thixotropic high-viscous suspensions with lesser phisical stability than smektits (ordered colloidal structure), but although having greater stability in ionic interactions. The sufficient desintering of sepiolites is required for efective applications.

Structure of aglomerates of sepiolite clay Structure of aglomerates of sepiolite clay

FRAMILITE® engineer clays are produced of two types:

  • for water-based systems — FRAMILITE®;
  • for organodiluted systems and polymeric materials — FRAMILITE®.


FRAMILITE® (TU 2164-019-40705684-2007) — rheologic modifiers with the different degrees of thickening, pseudoplasticity and reactions to ionic interactions, environment and temperature. The unique ability of smektite and chromite clays to layer in water and to manage the rheology of the water system trough their own structuring is implemented and developed in this case. Mineral based thickeners, unlike cellulose and associative analogs, are stable to oxidation, bio- and thermo-degradation, are less dependable from other system components acivities, do not impact to reducing atmosphere and water resistance of coverings, to encreasing dehumidification, and they are also very economical. Product line of FRAMILITE® allows to form rheological systems with different requirements to viscosity (ability to thicken coverings) and thixotropy (ability to control fluidity), prevention the sedimentation of fillers and pigments. Thereby, it enhances the abilities and the ranges of formula research and effective solutions:

  • low-viscous profile of rheology
    • FRAMILITE®11 (white color, 1500-1800/2%, 6 c/min, Brookfield DV-2+Pro);
    • FRAMILITE®111-Bio (with additional microbilogical resistance, white color, 1400-1600/2%);
    • FRAMILITE®21 (white color, 2000-2500/2%);
  • moderate-viscous profile of rheology FRAMILITE®31 (white color, 7000-7500/2%);
  • medium-viscous profile of rheology FRAMILITE®35 (white color, 10000-11000/2%);
  • high-viscous profile of rheology FRAMILITE®25 (white color, 16000-17000/2%).
FRAMILITE® Concentration % Allowable Estimated viscousity impact (-/higher, +/lower)
time of hydration dispersants, penetrating agents, electrolytes high temperatures
11 0.3-3 4-12 - +++ +
111-Bio 0.5-3 4-10 - ++++ +
21 0,3-2 4-12 - + +
31 0.3-2 3-11 - ++ +
35 0.3-2 4-12 - + ++
25 0.2-2 3-12 - + ++

FRAMILITE® — is economical modifiers of rheology for wide range of filled compositions including absence or low content of latexes:

  • emulsive and water deluting paints, mastics, sealants, glues etc.;
  • crack fillers and plasters, decorative compositions;
  • filling pastes tile glues, sealing compaunds;
  • filled floors and strainers,

and also for:

  • cosmetologic applications;
  • cleaning and washing compositions;
  • ceramics and glazes, frites;
  • asphalts, mastics and bitumen emulsions;
  • waterproofing shields;
  • pesticides;
  • drilling-muds.


FRAMILITE®: engineer clays for organo-deluting and polymeric systems (under development).

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Impexinvest LLC
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