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Framial (aluminium hydroxide)

FRAMIAL® — is a serie of the special fillers produced by Impexinvest LLC on the base of the synthetic aluminium hydroxide. It is used in the polymeric industry as a non-toxic fire-protective non-organic filler with the good smoke-suppressing properties. It allows to replace reasonably the non-ecology-safe halogen-based fire retardants in the wide range of fire-protective materials.

Special aluminium hydroxide FRAMIAL® 05

It is considered, that fire-suppressing and polymer formula saving action of aluminium hydroxide (and magnesium hydroxide) is based on:

  • decomposing of aluminium hydroxide by high temperatures. As a rule, it starts from 220° (340° — for magnesium hydroxide) and is accompanied with the crystallying moisture (34-34,5%) as a vapor and with the endothermic effect. It contributes to:
    • the temperature reduction in the pyrolysis zone (the heat of gasification), its deceleration and the burning rate reduction;
    • the binding and the dilution of the potentially flammable gases — the pyrolyzates;
    • the building of vapor barrier on the way of the oxygen's arrival to the burning area and the deflection of the pyrolyzates;
    Besides, the endothermic dehydration in combination with the properties of the fire retardant surface particles, and with the dynamics of its decomposition, and with other factors — promotes the carbonization of the polymer and the cross-linking effect with the gas exchange reduction and with the destruction of the polymer through the resulting layer, which provides the additional smoke-reducing and flame-reducing effects;
  • the dilution effect, because the increasing the non-flammable mineral part is accompanied with the decreasing the polymer share in the filled composition;
  • the stabilization effect — the absense of the migration to the polymer surface (unlike the organic components), the neutralization of the acid components of the polymers decomposition, the reducing of the toxicity of the pyrolyzates.

Selecting the preferrable grade of FRAMIAL®, it is necessary to consider the filling factor of the composition, the fineness and the granulometric distribution, the treatment of the surface, the synergism with the concomitant use of the other fire retardants and the additives, which contributes to:

  • the flammability and smokeability;
  • the mechanical, electric and other properties;
  • the treatment manufacturability;
  • the critical concentration of the mineral share;
  • the price reduction.

As a rule, the special attention is being paid to the influence of the particles dispersibility on the process tenacity and the strength properties of the composite, which have the clear dissymmetry priorities: the mineral particles of the minimal size provide the improving of the mechanical properties, but they also cause the higher tenacity, which is not always acceptable. The use of FRAMIAL® allows to reduce this effect in some ways, and also brings the additional benefits with the organomodifying surface, particularly:

  • the functional alcoksysilanes and compositions. This surface silaning of the fine-sized fire retardant provides forming of the elcastic links on the edge of the polymer, which will allow to combine the high strength and the impact strength;
  • the fat acids, their derivatives and the other organic compositions. The regular organic acid treatments are very efficient and effectively regulate the tenacity, the allowable fillness and the oil-receptivity, the hydrophobicity and the stability of the filler in storing, with the permittable reducing of the mechanical properties of the polymers.

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