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Barite is natural barium sulphate (SO4). The main technological properties that define a wide range of the industrial use of barite are high density (4.3?4.6 g/cm3), chemical inertness, low hardness (low abrasiveness), the ability to absorb X-rays, high content of barium, whiteness.

Stratiform barite deposits, the main type of industry in foreign countries, are located in carbonate, carbonate-siliceous and siliceous-shale strata, developed in places such as passive continental margins and their continental slopes, activated blankets of young platforms and intraoceanic lifting outs.

Quality attributes of Mil-Bar are set by GOST 4682-84 (Barite concentrate. Technical Specification).

The main advantage of our concentrates is the complete absence of harmful impurities, low content of water-soluble salts and consistency of fractional composition.

There is a possibility to deliver the ground barite concentrates KB-3, KB-5, KB-6 of class B according to GOST 4682-84, gravitational Mil-Bar - according to T (technical conditions) 1769-003-01538612-2004.

The quality data of each produced and laded consignment of the concentrate are controlled by physico-chemical laboratory of the processing factory.

The production is delivered to the consumer by rail. Barite concentrate is packaged in big bag (1 t soft polymer container) - (big bag).

The product is slightly subject to blocking, its consumer qualities do not change with time. Barite concentrate is classified as inert substance; nonradioactive and harmless to human body and the environment. It is regulated by the Decree of the Deputy Chief State Sanitary Physician of Ukraine as of December 26, 2008 25.

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