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Fractionated microwollastonite of the SUPER serie

The white acicualar wollastonite filler MIWOLL® produced by Impexinvest LLC is a cleaned natural calcium metasilicate, which is fractionated during the production process. To be a multi-purpose filler by chemical formula, it has been especially processed:

  • to form the narrow classes of fineness with maximum saving of high characteristic proportions peculiar to source raw materials, usually more than 10:1. Grade "96" - it is most "long-acicular" grades of MIWOLL® with increased whiteness. Grade "96" - it is mostly "powder" grades;
  • to receive the granulated output forms, providing the easy dozing and using MIWOLL® in polymer systems;
  • to produce sized grades of MIWOLL®, improving adhesive properties, lyophilic behavior, dispersive ability, strengthness properties, etc.

MIWOLL® provides a particular resistance to ultra-violet radiation and water resistance, shows a bactericidal effect. It does not contain the asbestos-making agents and it is not carcinogenic and it is categogized as safety. It provides a well expressed amplifying effect in the compositions which are operated under deformation, abrasive alternating loadings. The main applications are the varnish-and-paint and the crucial constructional materoals, plastics, rubber and frictional products, china- and delftware ceramics, metallurgical and electrode production.

In the VPM production, additionally: MIWOLL® assists increasing endurance and weather-resistance of the coatings, saving the slushing pigments. It has a well experssed structurized effect in the varnish-and-paint materials production and ploying. It also has the certain flatting properties, adds the increased brightness to the paints and essentially improves the adhesive properties of the VPM. It provides a fine dispersancy in the organic and water systems and has an excellent chromatic properties (minimal yellowness, high whiteness) and assists to creating an effective pH-barrier and the deflocculation of the pigments.

Fractionated microwollastonite MIWOLL® MW-03-96Fractionated microwollastonite MIWOLL® MW-10-97

In the plastics production additionally: MIWOLL® essencially increses the heat stability and durability of the polymers, the stability of sizes and mechanical properties. Its strengthening properties are generally equal to other fibrous fillers, and are superior in bending and stretching. The important advantages of the MIWOLL® are the moderated increasing of the melt viscosity of the composite, the good dispersancy, the low dielectric constant, the low dehumidification, an opprtunity of saving the chromatic and white pigments without loosing of the coloring quality. All the positive properties can be additionally improved by dressing.

In the ceramics production: Using of the MIWOLL® increases the strength of the products, reduces the air and fire shrinking and defect formation on the surface. It also allows to regulate the dullness and the saturation of the colors and is an effective source of the calcium.

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