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Fractionated micromarble of the STANDARD serie

Impexinvest LLC produces ground and micronized marble MICARB® of the STANDARD serie, grade "96", which is used as a multi-purpose white filler. The raw material is a microcrystalline marble of high natural quality with minimal inclusions of chromophores and other bad admixtures, with excellent weather- and wear-resistant properties.

The varnish-and-paint industry uses the fractionated micromarble MICARB® of the STANDARD serie in production of water- and organo-thinnable paints and varnish paints for general construction and special purposes, precoats, surfacers. It also includes production of weather- and corrosion-resistant coatings and varnish-and-paint materials with encreased wear-resistance (i.e. road paints).

Fractionated micromarble MICARB® MK-05-96

The other important applications are:

  • construction industry – instant and ready-to-use construction mixtures, surfacers, decorative coatings;
  • adheives, sealants, mastics, sealing compositions;
  • in plastics - cable materials, high-quality floor coatings, imitation leathers, etc.;
  • household chemical goods and gently abrasive cleaning pastes;
  • paper production industry – filling the cardboard and the technical paper, when the color of the filler is not so crutual comparing to the size of particles;
  • technical rubberware;
  • ceramics, electrodes;
  • oil industry.

The hydrophobical grades of MICARB® are produced for applications with specific requirements to humidity and lyophilic behavior of the fillers, their sedimentation stability and improved dispersive ability in the waterless systems.

The basic line of the ground fractionated marble from Impexinvest LLC in the STANDARD serie includes the "-2,5+2,0 mm", "-2+1,5 mm", "-1,5+1,0 mm", "-1+0,5 mm", "-0,5+0,2 mm", "-0,2+0,0 mm" fractions and provides any conformity to segregation boundaries (up to 95%), defined by Customer.

Fractionated micromarble of the SUPER serie

Impexinvest LLC produces MICARB® - the micronized marble of the SUPER serie with high whiteness parameters (grades "97", "98", "99"), which is used is used as multi-purpose white filler in the following spheres:

  • in the paint pastes production and the varnish-and-paint materials industry - when produce the water- and organo-thinnable paints and varnish paints for general construction and special purposes, precoats, surfacers;
  • in the important decorative and finishing materials, adheives, sealants;
  • in the plastics – especially to implement high requirements to the compound quality, chromatic and dispersing parameters;
  • in the paper production industry for chalking and paper filling;
  • in the ceramic production industry etc.
Fractionated micromarble MICARB® MK-01-99 Fractionated micromarble MICARB® MK-30-99

The point is that MICARB® of the SUPER serie as an improved finely dispersed filler of high whiteness and neutral color (grades "98" and "99") allows to replace in formulas more expensive (in terms of price) materials with the similar granulometric and chromatic parameters. It also additionally allows to economize white pigments. The difference from concurrent brands (from regular polydisperse fillers, for example) is in providing a most narrow granulated formula with minimizing the content of the finely and coarsely dispersed fractions. Due to this, the best dispersity parameters will be provided by the factionated micromarble of the SUPER serie, even by the brands with higher average diameter of particles. Respectively, saving of binding materials (due to lower oil absorption) and white pigments is provided. It also allows to form the high-filled systems with controlling the size of particles, without loosing chromo-optic and other final technological and operational parameters.

The polydispersive grades of MICARB® are produced for Customers who requires maximum spreading capacity even from fillers. These grades has increased dispersion, but also higher DOP- and oil absorption.

Impexinvest LLC also produces fractionated ground marble since 2004, including the grades produced from macrocrystalline raw source of the SUPER serie. The basic fractions are "-2,5+2 mm", "-2+1,5 mm", "-1,5+1 mm", "-1+0,5 mm", "-0,5+0,2 mm", "-0,2+0,0 mm"

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