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Fractionated microdolomite of the SUPER serie

MIDOL® - is a white micronized dolomite which is used as a filler in varnish-and-paint materials, platics and paper production, construction industry, etc. The applied technology is directed to produce the fractionated grades, that in combination with a white color and a low yellowness of MIDOL® provides the effectiveness of its use with saving of the white pigments.

  ® -05-98

In the varnish-and-paint materials production: MIDOL® is used in the water- and organo-thinnable paints production and varnish paints production for general construction and special purposes, decorating and special coatings production. The high whiteness and effective granulometric composition of the offered products are most preferrable to form the heavy-charged systems with the limitations of the practicles' size - to provide the required level of the VPM grinding, to bring the economized formulas (in terms of expenditure for binders and pigments). The raw materials for MIDOL® is microcrystalline high-pure dolomite with increased mechanical strength (comparing to calcites). It determines the reasonability of using MIDOL® in the wearproof coatings, facade paints, materials for road signs and also in production of construction mixes, precoats, etc.

For the ceramic production industry: The low content of the chromophors and the closely related stoichiometric proportion of the calcium and magnesium components of the MIDOL®, which have an importance for this industry.

Impexinvest LLC propose fractionated ground dolomite of the bright white color. The basic fractions are: "-2,5+2 mm", "-2+1,5 mm", "-1,5+1 mm", "-1+0,5 mm", "-0,5+0,2 mm", "-0,2+0,0 mm". It is possible to produce any other fractions by the Customer's specification.

Our location:
Impexinvest LLC
Moscowskiy prospect, 257
Kharkov, 61044, Ukraine
Phone/fax: +38 (057) 758-59-56
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