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Micarb (micromarble)
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Mikao (kaolin)
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Framial (aluminium hydrooxide)
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Company news

Talc powder for the pharmaceutical industry.

Soon we will be able to offer special trademarks of talc powder with the high standards on microbiological parameters for the pharmaceutical, perfume and cosmetic industries. These trademarks of talc powder are made from purified, pre-tested, natural raw materials. Investigations and tests are made according to the international quality system.

Special talc is produced using special processing techniques to improve the microbiological parameters, taking into account the high standards of the lack of skin-irritating and sensitizing (allergenic) effects.

Different trademarks of talc powder will be suitable for using it both as coarse, middle and fine filler (in case that high standards are imposed on the disperse composition during the production), and as anti agglutinant.

Despite the fact that the standards of these trademarks of talc are not inferior to the best European standards, their price is much more accessible.

Ground fractionated marble

For the producers of manufactured articles there have been developed trademarks of ground fractionated marble of various hues. The assortment range consists of two types of white marble with whiteness- 96% and 98%, and colored marble of eleven natural colors (black, brick, peach, pink, dark brown, coffee, malachite, dark green, lettuce, yellow and gray).

Being environmentally friendly, this material has high weathering resistance, durability, resistance to sunlight and guaranteed natural color - in the absence of significant amounts of active chromophores, occurring in the adverse conditions of exploitation in the deterioration of the surface appearance of coatings with their use (yellowing, fading of colors, etc.)

If necessary, it is possible to produce ground fractionated marble of various hues to order with the dispersing and other characteristics at Customers' request.

The list of such products involves a basic number of fillers in order to facilitate the choice for specific directions of using, but it is not exhausting, because it implies the fulfillment of Customers' specifications.

The best price / quality proportion of the production highly exceeds the given figure of the similar production of European producers.

Our location:
Impexinvest LLC
Moscowskiy prospect, 257
Kharkov, 61044, Ukraine
Phone/fax: +38 (057) 758-59-56
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