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Modified magnesium hydroxide

FRAMITEX® - is a group of the special materials produced by Impexinvest LLC on the base of the technical magnesium hydroxide, including the organo-modified variant.

Modified magnesium hydroxide FRAMITEX® AM-03-97-K1Modified magnesium hydroxide FRAMITEX® AM-05-97-K1

The properties of FRAMITEX® determine its industry application as the fire-retardant additive filler:

in the varnish-and-paint materials, plastics and rubber production:

  • the temperature destruction of the magnesium hydroxide occurs between 330-450° evolving crystallization moisture (up to 31% of mass). It allows to use FRAMITEX® in the polymeric compositions (elastomers, reactoplasts and thermoplasts – especially framing), including compositions processed under high temperatures, comparing with a wide-spreaded aluminium hydroxide (up to 220°). This material is individually effective in the systems which allow the high filling (up to 40-70%). The smoke-suppressive properties of the fire-retardant additive on the base of magnesium hydroxide are marked;
  • the products of thermic decomposition of FRAMITEX® are harmless and create the steam covering around the polymeric agent and prevent from the access of oxygen and potentially flammable gases to the burning surface and partially absorp the evolved agressive gases. The process is endothermic and is accompanied by the heat sink - up to 328 kkal/g. It's higher than with aluminium hydroxide (to 17%). Respectively, the thermic degradations of the plasic is decreasing;
  • ecology-safe production, application and action of FRAMITEX®, especially in comparing with the halogen- and phosphorus based fire-retardant additives, which assist producing the corrosive and toxic gases, including the afterburners. It determines the research of the effective variants for their partial replacement through their combined inclusion to the compositions which are not require the high filling. Such systems of the double and triple combination of fire-retardant additives with obligatory inclusion of magnium/aluminium hydroxide have found an extensive use. Respectively, the maximum economic profit is provided in implementing flame- and smoke-suppressive restrictions;
  • the white color, the lamellar particle form, the low abrasiveness (comparing to aluminium hydroxide), the regulated dispersity in combination with dressing to improve the lyophilic behavior, dispersity and to decrease reactive ability of the surface, low content of admixtures - all these properties determine the using of FRAMITEX® in polymeric systems as a filler with special fire-proofing and smoke-suppressing properties, including replacing the inert calcium carbonate and more expensive aluminium hydroxide.

as a functional additive in the natural and waste water purification and in the sediment coagulation processes:

  • unlike the other alkaline analogs, the magnesium hydroxide / FRAMITEX® is safe in handling and storing, non-toxic and non-corrosive in application, turn slowly into water-soluble state, which allows to keep the long-term gently-alkaline environment ( up to 9-10,5) with its using in water-preparation and purification processes. It is the significant advantage comparing to caustic soda and calcium hydroxide, their dosages may finish with the less stable and sometimes excessive value of pH (up to 14 and 12,5 respectively) and they are less effective for acid neutralizations (to 37% and 27% respectively);
  • the using of FRAMITEX® in the hydrophilic form gives the ability to produce more dense mud structure (comparing to lime and aluminium sulphate) and to increase the output of the defecate water in the industrial and biological purification. It is noted, that the magnesium hydroxide is effective in neutralization of acid wastes of hydrometallurgic industries, as a sorbent of the ions of heavy metals and extra dangerous admixtures (mercury, lead, bismuth, etc.) from the natural and technogenic waters etc.;
  • the inclusion of FRAMITEX® in protective compositions of the proper hydrotechnical structures increases the service life significally - twice - with regular coating updates. The mechanism of this action of FRAMITEX® is based on the quite slow dissotiation of hydroxilic ions on the surface contacting with water environment. It allows to support the long-term alkaline barrier with pH>9. It prevents from developing the biologically active forms (mosses, bacteria, etc.) which are responsible for destruction of concrete basements. It also neutralizes the emission of hydrogen sulphide (the problems of smells and corrosion);

as a chemical component in the cellulose industry:

  • FRAMITEX® is an effective concentrated source of magnesium and magnesium-based salts in producing the calcium-magnesium lyes in the processes bisulphite-sulphite boiling of cellulose.

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