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Calcined kaolin of the SUPER serie

MIKAO® - is a high quality calcined / dehydrated kaolin, exposed to whitening, micronization, fractioning and, if necessary, the surface treatment.

Calcined kaolin MIKAO® KO-02-98

Chemical, temperature and weather resistance, minimal admixtures, combination of block and scaly particles, the absence of crystalline moisture and minimum of the absorbed moisture, very good chromatic properties (high brightness, whiteness, reflective indexes), good dispersiveness and dispersive ability with different binding agents - these are main factors, which are important for many applications of MIKAO®:

  • in the constructive and special varnish-and-paint materials industry, including water- and organo-soluble materials for agressive and abrasive environments. MIKAO® is used as a functional filler to regulate the barrier protection and rheologic properties of the compositions, their elasticity, strength, etc. Because of the specific form, small size, microporous and advanced surface of the particles, profitable optic and chromatic properties and, as a consequence, the high dispersion and good spreading capacity - MIKAO® allows the effective saving of the white (up to 20% by the titanium dioxide) and color pigments, especially in the water-based paints.
  • in the paper industry: the most fine-dispersed brands of calcined kaolines and, particularly, MIKAO® are applied sucessfully in the pigment compositions of the high-quality papers. It contributes to the opacity, brightness and whiteness of the coverings, and also strengthening, smoothness, low abrasiveness. The using of MIKAO® also provides excellent color rendering of the main and half-tints for printing, and also improve the ink and paint susceptibility;
  • in the plastics and rubber production: the using of MIKAO® (especially in sized forms) allows to combine the reinforced properties, whiteness etc. with the excellent electic and thermo-physical properties of this filler. It determines its effectiveness in the cable shells and other crutial coverings.

Fractionated kaolin of the STANDART serie

MIKAO® of the STANDARD serie — is a concentrated natural kaolin, exposed to the additional micronization, the fractionating and, if necessary, the surface modification for use in varnis-and-paint materials industry, industry of the decorative materials, glues, sealing materials, mastics, plactics and rubbers, and other industries where the scaly form of particles (barrier and strengthening properties), elasticity and small size of the particles, high chemical inertness are on demand.

Calcined kaolin MIKAO® KO-02-90 Calcined kaolin MIKAO® KO-05-90

The special grades of MIKAO® (with silaning of the particle surface, with fatty acids surface modification, etc.) is produced to reduce the surface activity of particles, to improve the dispersive ability in the different binding agents, to raise the strengthening and functional properties of the materials, etc.

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