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Fractionated microbarite of the SUPER serie

Impexinvest LLC produces an improved fractionated grades of micronized barite of the white color MIBARI® especially for the crucial varnish-and-paint materials, plastics, rubber and paper production. They are the high-quality inert non-abrasive fillers with the guaranteed despersive and chemical composition. They are applicable also for using as a shell pigment carrier, for the superconcentrates production, etc.

Fractionated microbarite MIBARI® MB-01-98Fractionated microbarite MIBARI® MB-03-96

In the varnish-and-paint materials (VPM) industry: MIBARI® can be used in all kinds of the varnish-and-paint materials with no limitations. It contribites to the properties of the filled products and also reduces the surface defects. Because of the low oil absorption and high refraction index, MIBARI® allows to save the binding agents and pigments in the VPM, to produce the paints with a high solids, to increase a tonnage of the integrated products (the VPM density with the microbarite is higher than with other fillers). Because of the low dissolubility, MIBARI® is successfully used in the acid water-diluted and in the alkaline varnish-and-paint compositions. Using MIBARI®, the economized compoundings with the reduced expenditure of the white pigments can be produced. The VPM compoundings with the pre-defined properties can be also produced: with the increased gloss of the surfaces, with the high packing density with the good fluidity and the sediment stability, with an improved dispersibility and increased adhesion to the backing, the a low water permeability and low water vapor transmission, with an increased resistance to corrodent environments, to weather effects and high temperatures.

Additionally, the thermalphysic and acoustic-protective properties of the MIBARI® and the deflocculation effects of the organic and non-organic pigments can be used in the plastics production and synthetic fibers production industry. It's behavior under the ionizing and roentgen radiation allows to suggest the MIBARI® for using:

  • in the rubber and plastics which are non-transparent for roentgen radiation; for example, in the children toys contacting with food;
  • in the decorating materials and the radiation-safe coatings of the industrial premises and the living quarters.

Fractionated microbarite of the STANDARD serie

The micronized barites with a gray or a yellow tint MIBARI® of the STANDARD serie grade "80" are the high-quality inert fillers with the guaranteed dispersive composition, which are applicable for using especially in the materials where color of the filler is not crucial but the requirement is the size of particles and the level of chemical purity.

In the industry it is used in:

  • the frictional materials;
  • the caoutchouc, rubber and insulating compositions, sealers, adhesives;
  • the slushing coatings;
  • the inks and printing inks;
  • organo-, water-thinnable constructional and industrial paints, varnish paints, precoats, surfacers;
  • powder paints with no limitations for the kind of binding agent;
  • the constructional and decorative fillings and plasters, including radiation-safe;
  • the weightings for the boring solutions and the concretes;
  • the electric vacuum and special glass;
  • the anti-acoustic and weighting compositions for substrate of the sinthetic floor blankets;
  • the chemical resistant and wearproof filling floors;
  • the plastics, including thermoplastics and elastomers, especially not containing heavy metal and vulcanization retarders, urethanes and polyvinylchloride compositions;
  • the industrial and architectural waterproof coatings.

Our location:
Impexinvest LLC
Moscowskiy prospect, 257
Kharkov, 61044, Ukraine
Phone/fax: +38 (057) 758-59-56
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