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Fractionated microtalc of the STANDARD serie

MITAL® of the STANDARD serie includes the talc materials which don't make a demand of increased requirements to opticochromatic properties, but the chemical, dispersive, delustering and antisediment properties, the hydrophobicity, the weather-, thermo-, and chemical resistance and the softness of the filler are on demand.

Fractionated microtalc MITAL® MT-07-80
  • for the micronized talc produced by Impexinvest LLC since 2005 under the all-Union State Standard No 19284-79 (MT-GSM, MT-KSS, MT-EGS-1) with improved whiteness parameters. The main applications are: the varnish-and-paint materials production; adhesives, glues, mastics, ceramics, rubber and plastics production.

Additionally - the natural mix of block and scaly particles (determining the good microarming properties and the ability to make densitive packs in coatings), the light-gray color and the minimal necessity to binding agent (low DOP- and oil absorption).

  • for the MITAL® microtalc grade "80" under TU 5727-001-40705685-2001. The main applications are: the varnish-and-paint and decorating materials, the corrosion preventing compositions, the wearproof coatings.

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Impexinvest LLC
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Kharkov, 61044, Ukraine
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